Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Whatever happened to Kevin Toms?

A random google search for a Grimsby councillor brought up this flashback picture of game designer Kevin Toms. Anyone with a passing knowledge of computers and footie would remember Football Manager, the game Toms designed in the 80s and was at the time thought to be a zany futuristic glimpse of gaming in the future. It always took 20 minutes to load, leaving the casual punter with time on their hands to study Toms' improbable beard. Curious, I found he's got a wikipedia site which has no real answers about Kev's progress in the world of Game Cubes, Wiis and DS-OS. Has he weathered the storm? Has the beard remained? Is he shouting at Hyde Park Corner about bringing back Manic Miner or Frogger? Kevin, get in touch.

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Stone Fee said...

Ah, Football Manager. A much beloved game on my trusty spectrum. In fact, (nostalgia moment coming up) one of my fondest early memories is playing on Lozman's Commodore64 before whacking a ball around with a cricket bat in the field that backed onto your house in those days. It wasn't Football Manager that we played though - that would have taken several years, but rather a full on "speedobike" rip off game that had nothing to do with Star Wars whatsoever, honest guv.