Thursday, 6 December 2007

Token generic Australian outlaw facial hair piece

What the blue blazes has happened to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, of the amazing Grinderman and majestic film soundtracks, like the Proposition and the new one TAOJJBTCRF? I know the music harks back to Xavier Herbert era Oz, but Cavey lives in Brighton. There's plenty of barbers, so why the cross between John Hughes and John Milton? As for Ellis, he seems to have turned into a cross between Rip van Winkle and Robert Crumb's hairy cartoon. Great sweeping elegaic music however.

Listening: The Departed soundtrack; Jonathan Richman goes Country; the Cherry Ghost (goes great for a walk down Grimbo High Street with the prams and WELCOME TO THE BONX (sic) grafitti; Barbara Lewis soul stuff; Burial - Untrue; Oh Laura; Noah Georgeson (well, Dee's away, so I'm allowed to get all cerebral)
Second favourite Aussie related blog post this week:
Favourite Canoe-related headline: "Canoe's gonna explain this, John?" - Daily Mirror
Favourite conversation: A lad on the Grimsby Barton train going through all 27 of the records his boss had given him at work: "Gabba, gabba, grime, evolution, evolution, gabba, grime, gabba" like a demented McCririck. Gabba, gabba, hey hey.

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