Sunday, 2 December 2007

That seals it

Over to Donna Nook for an inexplicable meeting of amazing furry nature (hundreds of pregnant seals, right up close) and annoying people with cameras and kids. The two converge every year on an area normally used as an RAF testing ground. Seals. And bombs. For some people, I feel coming to Donna Nook is more of a box ticking exercise than any love of Faroe Island based aquine-mammalry. I heard one woman say, in a thoroughly pissed off tone: "More seals. Just more seals", as if the crazy phenomenon of the wild was not enough for her and could she please get home for X-Factor. Similary inspired, we hopped it to nearby Cleethorpes to see people playing crazy golf in the December dusk, ate fishnchips in a deserted wildlife garden with the Humber breeze jabbing into our backs and then saw how many actors from The Wire we could spot in American Gangster. The film: basically Heat meets Blow meets every other drugs n' cop story arc. Rise n' fall n' tubby Aussie.

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