Sunday, 16 September 2007

Paddington wear

I may be a bit late to this, but looks like being in the Paddingtons can have rewards other than hanging out in Queens all day. Young Joshh's girlfriend has been getting a fair bit of exposure in the quality Sunday's today, and according to the Telegraph, is living with the studious Pad in his west Hull, ahem, pad. I haven't seen her about, which probably means she hasn't been drinking in the Hole In The Wall or Sportsman. But her presence has surely notched Hull's glam factor up by at least 50 per cent. Jayz, she'd even make a walk down Spring Bank appealing.


bazza27 said...

Nice to read positive comments about Hull, some bugger will come along and spoil it though.

Dave W said...

You're demonstrating your HDM nous there, young man, by being about two years too late! Didn't I go and see The Bees with you at the Welly? The lovely Aggy was there and I'm sure I introduced you as Hull's own Mr Love Thang.