Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Gonna tear your Playhouse dowwwwwwwn

Cinema how it used to be at Louth Playhouse last night, a world away from the multiplexes and yobs with nachos and a side order of attitude. We went to watch dogs n' beards n' guns n' more dogs Mexican epic Amores Perros (excellent, by the way) and it seemed that everybody in the town had the same idea. Weird to see Tory politicians, convicted criminals, frustrated sub editors, the town doctors and everyone's favourite communist in a wheelchair all watching a scratchy copy of Gael Garcia Bernal, only to be interupted by a (gasp) intermission, with the leg of the R extended to form a fork of lightning, and the muzak from Triangle piped into the cinema while an usherette came round with Peanut Feasts.

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