Sunday, 2 September 2007

Just the usual, then

Amidst the boxes and the random racist conversations with reptile shop owners (involved setting his boa constrictor off on someone who'd come to view his house - nice), we got out and about on the Hull skyline this weekend. East Park Rocks, hosted by everyone's favourite skinny trousered East Yorkshiremen The Paddingtons, attracted lots of fey indie kids, fair-to-middling meat n' potatoes indie rockers, a hefty dose of semi-nakedness and attendant aggression at the drum n'bass tent and some marketing types from the Hull Daily Mail, calling themselves Hull Vibe to try and get the kidz and ver yoof onside. The chaps from Hull Vibe were hanging about at the lentils stand, in an attempt to be "down" and "alternative". Or perhaps they were just hungry. Elswehere, the advantages of dog-sitting were revealed with a lovely walk along the old abandoned sea railway line between Hull and Hornsea. It seems people in villages like Rise and Skirlaugh, who once had a direct line into the great thriving metropolis of Ull just decided to stay in their villages and become weird after Dr Beeching intervened. And capped off the weekend by seeing a part of the Hull skyline disappear in a controlled demolition. I'll post my video, unfortunately trained on the wrong building due to mal-information, when I've made it look more glamorous.

Current location: Internet Cafe at the the circle of Hell

Listening: Richard Hawley, Calvin Harris, Cherry Ghost, new singles by Babyshambles and The Go! Team

Linen Basket Status: Overflowing

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