Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Aaah, 11million album selling posho James Blaaahnt has called his new album All The Lost Souls, which I'm sure comments on the number of homeless people living on the streets outside his mansion in Henley or wherever. But, redeemingly, I thought, he has cleverly photoshopped pictures of the homeless on his album cover to make a giant Blunt face. A gesture of solidarity, we are all one, I'm just the vehicle for all your pain etc. But on closer inspection, tragically, all the images turn out to be Blunt himself. How appalling self-important. What a Blunt.


Stone Fee said...

Are you kidding? I've seen this utter tw@t's album cover in various editions of Q magazine of late (far too much attention being given to him by that mag) but in the same way as one embarrassingly skips past page 3 of The Sun when in polite company I've never wanted to stop and study the "artwork" of his latest abomination. Come on, you're joking right? No-one would be THAT full of their own self importance - other than bloggers I mean - would they?

bazza27 said...

I guess he get's away with it because the kind of people who buy his albums don't actually listen to the music or words and wouldn't dream of studying the album cover. and just in case you visit DW, the above is malicious stereotyping, but ask me if I care.