Thursday, 22 February 2007

Twang dang doodle

Off to Hull's Lamp (ironically, given the amount of weed and MDMA chugging going on) a former police station, to see next week's latest big thing for at least a week The Twang. Having seen the Arctic Monkeys way back when at Silhouette you can sense a similar buzz around this Birmingham bunch of young scallywags. Style-makers and breakers the NME certainly think so, but perhaps I'm just a bit too grown up for all these new favourite band nights out. Me, I'd rather listen to Shuggie Otis and Tinariwen (nomadic frontier music from Mali, gerrin there!). But there is something about this lot. A brummie Jamie T meets the Streets meets Dexy's (the band AND the drug).They employ co-singers straight out the Happy Mondays school of day-glo rock dancing, although that Bez-down-the-youth-club approach started to flag due to the intense stuffiness of the venue; the Lamp clearly isn't built for dancing like a loon. But I had fun, even without the drugz.

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