Thursday, 8 February 2007

Can't win

I am so glad to be leaving the Mail (new title At The Heart Of All Things Local would be better with a (Stabbing at the) opening bracket).

Two weeks ago, the Advertsier "scooped" the big boys in our own building (who blatantly ignore us most of the time) about a couple who met and married through eBay. My headline was "Couple promise to love, honour and eBay" and we gave it a really good spread. The following day I expected praise, but was told I should have given the story to the Mail and that it was clearly too good for our team. The inference being that we should settle for mediocrity. Reach for the gutter. Today, one of the potential replacement for yours truly was ushered into the interview room, not past his new colleagues, but the long way round. Minutes later, my boss, who is doing the interview, comes over and asks for that particular front page. He "wants to show the candidate 'what we do'." Words sometimes fail me.


bazza27 said...

How about arsehole and amateur, we can do the rest of the alphabet later.

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Cheers Baz! I uttered many similar words yesterday let me tell ya. On reflection, I'm happy to let the powers-that-misery continue to play with their new media trainset. Stop the ride, I'm getting off!