Friday, 9 February 2007

The cost of loving?

After collecting Dee from swimming yesterday (she was very pleased after going underwater for the first time ... Donny Lido and ducking here we come) I pulled up outside my house to see an old man getting out of a taxi. "Alright?" I said. He turned on his heels and said: "No. Cost of living." I retorted with a "look on the bright side" at him and he responded with a load of bile in Welsh. Het turned the corner and was gone. Why did he not get the taxi to drop him off at his front door. Who was the mysterious pessimistic Welsh miserablist?


Dave W said...

V funny. But why the pic of Humber Growers? I is confused. And don't just come back with "cos it's pretty". That won't wash. I need reasons and I need them now.

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

I thought the Humber Growers sign looked a bit like a shambling Welshman, I guess. I'm pretty sure there's another letter missing from this sign each time I'm down on the docks - when will the trendy apartments and super casino be built I wonder?