Monday, 11 December 2006

Lincoln refreshments

After spending Saturday stocking up on our karma by studiously avoiding the works Christmas party (we went and ate tasty veggie dips at Stevie Sticks' house-do instead, rather than the microwave canneloni they serve as obligatary veggie fare at the Mail Christmas bash). Then me and Dee got into the Christmas spirit by heading for the Lincoln Christmas Festival, braving biting winds and realising how to deal with hills again (Hull doesn't do slopes, but there's a mound just outside the Mail building which is its biggest peak).

The festival was lovely, over-priced, full of Germans and nutjobs and men in insane rooster-chic headgear. But we all took advantage of the free samples provided by the folks at Sloe Motion, and the sloe whiskey was gorgeous, and there's no doubting the beautifulness of the cathedral - even if some woman had missed the point entirely by barging and swearing her way out of there after a free tour.

Listening: Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedlic Era); Bill Fay; The Klaxons - Magick; Amy Winehouse - Rehab; Lady Sovereign - Pretty Vacant

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