Thursday, 7 December 2006

Welcome to 70s Hull

Nah, it's not an animation from Logan's Run but an artist's impression of a new club in Hull, Baileys, dating from 1971. The city has always pushed the boat out with nightclubs; one, Romeo nd Juliets, was rumoured to have a slide rather than a staircase between the first and ground floors. Can you imagine the fun that was after a couple of bottles of Strongbow? And Tower, known fondly as Tower For An Hour, where you were likely to stick to the carpet (just before you got to the girl you were about to chat up, apparently). This place Baileys, I found out after asking some grizzled old journalists was above the Co-Op. I wonder if it ever resembled this 70s anarchy?

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bazza27 said...

I confess to having (very) vague memories of Bailey's, but being only 11 years old in 1971, I was either big for my age or it was open for quite a while. I don't recall it being above the co-op though (Willis Ludlow rings a bell, but I'm probably way of beam)