Thursday, 25 October 2007

Stick it to 'em

Got a brochure today for the very swank Normanby Hall, a potential wedding reception venue for me and the Dee. Beautiful grounds, walled gardens, boar statues, perfect wedding fare. Except the very deceptively priced and rather injudiciously named food packages. We love you - our intended guests - and that's why we're looking at receptions at places like NH rather than the bleedin' Campanile, bedding down with the waifs and adulterers. But the pricey Rose Garden Finger Buffet, at £17 a head, is insane. The food includes "items on sticks", "cheese cubes" and "chicken and vegetarian nuggets". Campanile quality at a class A location is still Campanile. Although the items on sticks are seperate from the cheese cubes, tellingly. Maybe its fivers on sticks. Or gimps. Nonetheless, the hunt goes on ...

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