Monday, 22 October 2007


I saw my first wannabe jumper as I drove across the Humber Bridge in the half-light, muggy over river. Strange the way your mind registers a potential death - it wasn't until I studied the scene in my rear view mirror, crawling towards Hull, that I confirmed the double tragedy of a man the wrong side of the railings, in a jumper the wrong shade of orange. Of late there's been talk of raising the safety barriers at the Humber Bridge, although my guess is people who are that way inclined may well find a way through even those sort of cordons. It was bizarre to observe the people surrounding the jumper tho'. A man ran across the A15 to get to the emergency phone, another furtively extending his hand in the jumper's direction, at a distance. Bikers, unaware of what lay ahead, continued their journey. I hope it all resolves itself.

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