Saturday, 20 October 2007

Schizoid life

Sorry to leave you in the company of a myriad of satsumas, regular (all three of youse) readers. Its just that life's been a bit mental of late with the move. We ventured back into Hull for the first time since installing ourselves in the "yellow" belly of Lincolnshire, trepidatious and trying to make sense of a city that we appear to have lost our survival instinct for. Returned to Dee's old house, where it appears her feral neighbours have moved into her old property, and I'm sure, have built a tunnel between the two houses for easy access. Outside, a gang was throwing an iron bar across the road, at each other. Spring Bank was a mess of badly parked cars, Polish supermarket competitions (Polski Smak or the lurid pink of Polski Market, can't decide), and St Stephen's a rigid grey of faceless optimism. I kinda missed it.

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