Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Slum as you are

Went to our first film of the year at Cineworld Hull - not the nicest location with its bleachy smells and wonky projector. But the film Slumdog Millionaire was awesome, bringing back chaotic memories of Mumbai trains and slums, with Bollywood hero Anil Kapoor as a demented Hindu Chris Tarrant. Even the overbearing bhangra soundtrack was useful in drowning out the cinema goers. Not sure if its done anything for my ongoing battle to convince Dee we really should book that city break!


Neil Williams said...

Is Dee particularly gassy at the mo or is that a typo?

I'll have to check out the film. Have heard good things.

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Ha - I should have really read before posting! I'd certainly recommend Slumdog, a simple tale very movingly told.

On an aside, am loving your tales of young fatherhood, and the latest pix of Dyl are ace - where'd that hair come from??