Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Great Grimsbio

Allow me to indulge you with some Lithuanian. This is the opening paragraph of a story about a missing teenager from round our way

Paauglė pabėgo su penkiasdešimtmečiu15min, Lithuania - 17 Jan 2009 paliko namus trečiadienį ir nuo to laiko negrįžo. Liudininkai ją pastebėjo su vidutinio amžiaus vyru Grimsbio traukinių stotyje,

I quite like the sound of Grimsbio. Makes the place sound a bit more alluring, dontcha think? Maybe it could form part of the area's 'rebranding exercise?' Not sure if it works for Goolio, though.

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Bazza said...

Given the poetic license you've used with Goole can I say Hullo I'm from Hullo, no, nevermind.