Friday, 3 October 2008

The most amazing day ever

Forgive me for using the blog for such purposes, but our wedding was so amazing - and the people who were there were what really did it for us! See if you can spot bloggers StoneFee and Dave Windass in the assembled shot! The astute will notice that I've included links to their reportage blogs on the big day here. So overwhelmed by it all still, and always will be, really, truly. Sterling show from our rookie Priest, a great plot arc featuring an ill child, a late arrival by a nonogenarian and a blowout on the A1, a superb organist with comedy beard who wouldn't be out of place on Phoenix Nights, some interesting singing, awesome food, drink and disco - all in all, truly amazing. But it was these guys what done it for me!

1 comment:

Stone Fee said...

Great pic for a great day my friend.

Who's the bloke in the pink shirt, standing four places to the right of your lovely bride? If you look at his head, for some reason he looks as though he was superimposed onto the photo - was he actually there?