Sunday, 4 May 2008

New Sunday sport

I admit, the banks of north Lincolnshire aren't chockful of opportunity on a Bank Holiday Sunday. Although saying that, me and Dee had some enormous fun exploring the old quarries and tileyards being lost to the drift that are dotted along the Humber, which form a suitably knarly frontdrop (opposite of backdrop) for the majestical bridge. But surely, the number one new sport round these parts is Sunday allotment terrorism. We had only planted four seed potatoes when we noticed there was a crowd of yokels at the end of our plot, pointing and laughing. Upon being confronted by me, they said, collectively like, "you've got your work cut out there". We may start charging for the interactive thrill of watching us dig our own hole. Allotment appetite sated, the people got into their people carrier and sped off, me, trowell in hand, in pursuit.

Listening: Ethiopiques
Watching: The genius that is season four of The Wire
Weddingcountdown: 16 weeks
Vegwatch: Alkaliney, some weed called the mare's tail, nothing of substance

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