Monday, 10 March 2008

That means allot

Me and Dee are now the proud leaseholders of an allotment. Free to rent for the first year, it'll cost us the positively feudal price of £8 a year from then on. Obviously, 17th century prices bring out some very stange smallholding relics. Our shed neighbour, Trevor, "drives/pedals" a key-operated bike. Almost a two-wheel shopper acting as a smokescreen for laziness. It's gonna be some time until we can actually sow anything and live out our communal, misguided dream. We've got rows of lavender to dispose of, and some abandoned lino. I'm covered in Richey Edwards esque scratches after coming off worst in a lavender bagging exercise. But that'd definitely one of the most varied weekends I've had for a while. Getting dewy-eyed at The Zoms on Friday, admiring Red Ken's swanky new council offices on Saturday and a forking liability in Lincolnshire come Sunday.

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Bazza said...

2 years ago I put my name down for an allotment on Richmond Street, they said I was 27th on the list. I rung up the other day to see if I was in the top ten yet, but after 2 years I am apparently still in 27th place. Looks like it's the garden for another year then.