Friday, 1 February 2008

He Shouts, He Scores

Off to the big bad city of Hull last night in chaotic gales for Windass's gusty, nautical drama On A Shout at Truck. It's a splendid tale as well, backed by some ominous lighting, menacing sound effects and the fabulously chiseled cheekbones of Edward Peel. The tinny nature of the Truck building as well meant that the atmospheric sound effects were mingling with the gales outside, to add to the drama. It also helped to empathise just how bleak The Point is. I've been up there numerous times (yes, Fee, it's where your missus gashed her knee and is now probably scarred for life by the memory of falling in the horizontal rain) and Dave's play really captures the desolation and camaraderie that exists on the impossible coast. Hull-based bloggers, if you are still logging on (although by my lowly status on Hull Bloggers, I think not) get yourself along to Truck.
Also today: Loz has finally interviewed Graham Fellows, and experienced a repeat of the Al Murray Complex, namely an actor refusing to get into character, although its probably quite difficult to scat in Sheffield speak over the phone. That said, the former Jilted John was a pleasure who wanted to pick my brains about Goole for his Dave Tordoff character. He was fascinated that the locals know the main drinking street as Blood Alley and will weave it into his show, apparently.

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