Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bubba No Tep

Anyone see My Fake Baby on C4 last night? This is the "craze" where people spend thousands of pounds on dolls that resemble babies (and as one of the women said on yesterday's open-mouther, they've got moving toes and heartbeats and squints and ASBOs to order). My favourite couple were pictured taking their fake baby to the aquarium, where they pointed out all the crazy rays and sharks to the plastic chubbster. The interviewer asked for the reasons why they hadn't tried for a real baby. "We're the couple that never grew up (like no shit)," they said. "We're having too much fun to have time for a real baby." Cue then, to the fun, which seems to involving knitting baby boots for a fake baby, wheeling the bubba to the park with real mums, and other such japes. Can just see the fun you're having there.

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