Tuesday, 23 December 2008

High Wiccan

My mum has a couple of friends, lets call them Philip and Fiona, who write a yearly newsletter on Publisher that always has us in stitches for its content. The introduction this year began: "Peter has spent the year learning Arabic and amuses all his friends by breaking into it at regular intervals..."

However, as I read out this year's missive, we found great amusement in their description of adventures at the High Wycombe Philosopher's Association. Only Dee thought it was Wiccan, and went into a long monologue about dancing naked through the forests, burning pigs and worshiping outlandish pagan gods. Would have been wonderful if this misconstruction had happened face-to-face, and that at the end of Dee's eight-minute retelling of the Wicker Man, my mum's friends would reveal, shocked, that they were more interested in Hegel and Kant.

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