Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Soz for the lack of postings of late - 2007 will go down as a momentous year of new jobs, two houses sold, a brief period in Donnie-exile and the final calm and stability of a new job in local government (seriously Bazza). It'll take some time to get used to the short-forms, less than palatial office space, weird words like sustainability and best performance and to figure out where the toilets are.The portents though seem good. Well as good as Grimsby gets. In all this weirdness and change, it's nice to see my old HDM comrade Mark Gee make the small step-up from the Advertisers series to the big Male propah (sorry for the (Erykah) Badu spelling). His story about an "assaulted pony shocks woman" (that was seriously the headline on page 2 - the kind of headline only the HDM would mean seriously) conjured up much smirkery. But on closer inspection it turns out one of the black pony's injuries was a black eye. How could they tell??
Listening: Duffy - Rockferry; Horace Andy

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Bazza & Wifey said...

Local Government, ha ha ha ha ha ha, but seriously, on Wed 5th I will be recieving an award for 25 years service, so if you want any survival tips, let me know.