Monday, 26 March 2007


The blog appears to be back, intermittently, although the layout editor does appear to be converting words like Peru, Louth and blacmanche into Hindi (my favourite of the ritualistic religions). Not much to report - me and Dee have raised £6k for the elderly so they can stay at home while we climb Machu Pichu, am still loving, in no particular order, Louth, periodical meetings with socialist popstars, the drive across the Wolds, the lack of all things Mail influenced, the start of Spring and cycling towards Humber sunsets.
Tonight at Picture Us, a group of kids tried to gain access to the BCAE building to nick computers and the like. His street name is .. wait for it, I'm pausing to strike fear, Granddad. The kids could barely whisper his name. He was about 11 years old, and not quite old enough to be a Granddad. What is this new family induced bunch of street toughs, I wonder? Second cousin? Spinster aunt? Uncle-on-me-father's-side-twice-removed? Its hardly Bismark-E now is it?
Loving: Arcade Fire, Vetiver, Four Tet

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bazza27 said...

I particularly enjoyed the second part of your post. It had a kind of manic glintness about it.